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Launching of Evo-Devo Line of Books and Indo Asia
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Solar Energy
Legend  Inspired Power Solution
VISION : To be the No.1 provider of low risk energy solutions utilizing clean,efficient modular and self sustained low LEC "integrated open systems" that deploy quickly and provide a rapid return on investment.
Product Facts :
•   ICTS - Steam Turbine and soleniod engine design : Patent Pending Mauritius (Rolomite design composite).

•   ICTS - Non imaging solar and thermal batter :
Parent Pending : Legend Mauritius Engine Speed 100 RPM., RAID 0 configuration, pressure: 150 PSI, Temperature 230°C.
•   Minimum:  1 Mw/hr.+ Solar +2 X 500 kW/hr. Natural gas + 2 Thermal Batteries deployment within 6 month, 10 year contract.
•   Performance :  190 kW/hr.MMBTU. Capacity utilazation over 90%.

•   CTS : - Non Imaging optics design requires less precise tracking uses imperfectly manufactured optics (local) Local components, captures circumsolar radition, uses thermal batteries and provides higer solar concentration with optional small photoveltic cells. Provides 365 days/year, 24/7 operation in combination with natural, shale or

•   Low Risk :  99.999% Up time.

•   NO Pollution use CCS design.

•   Low Cost > 10 Cents per. kW/hr.

•   Maintenance and support  "local-train the trainer" model.

•   Full service solution includes 10 year contract for power generation and BOT (Build Operate Transfer) model

•   Self sustained model requires around 12,000 sq. meters of space for solar farm and natural gas powered engine.

•   Can use compressed shale gas.

•   Uses composite materials and local manufacture for growth. eg. Kevlar, aluminum pipes; low cost optics; thermal batteries with 40 ft. containers; low ambiant tempreture, requires little or no cooling; can be connected directly to the transmission grid, using simple step up generators, uses solenoid technology.

•   Equity and JV model with local power suppliers.

•   OEM Supplier- TATA B.P.® Solar.

Legend Global has developed (patent applied- UCMER) a non imaging solar array that can operate 24/7 and will guarantee Carbon Credits in excess of 5 million tonnes of CO2 displacement based on its 2-5 MW modular plants.

In principle, the second law of thermodynamics permits an optical device to concentrate the solar flux to obtain temperatures at the Earth's surface not exceeding the Sun's surface temperature. In practice, conventional means for flux (as being used today in most countries including India) concentration fall short of this maximum because imaging optical designs are inefficient at delivering maximum concentration.

Non-imaging light-gathering devices can improve on focusing designs by a factor of four or more, and approach the thermodynamic limit. We have used a non-imaging design to concentrate terrestrial sunlight by a factor of 50,000, producing an irradiance that could exceed that of the solar surface. This opens up a variety of new applications for making use of solar energy in a highly cost efficient manner.

Legend is proud to be a pioneer in this area of Global Green Energy Solutions In association with EVO-DEVO leaders
such as Cal Tech and UC.

Solar and Natural Gas Combined 2 mw power plants that are deployable in less than 6 month at BOT rates.
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